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Eurasian transport corridors make Eurasia more resistant to the challenges of world geopolitics: an opinion of the Russian expert

World geopolitics is undergoing a profound transformation: the US intends to impose its rules of the game on the world in both the economy and the world security system. Countries and regions are becoming hostages to the internal political struggle in Washington. Under these conditions, it is extremely important for countries of established regional groups and associations to have reliable transport corridors and routes that allow them to be relatively independent in their logistics from US dictates and their willingness to undermine the stability of the traditional world highways." It was commented today to the Eurasia EXPO-TV’s correspondent by Dr. Nick Evsenkin, the head of the Analytical Center of the Council of Exhibition and Congress Activity of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia.

"Now, when the rates in world politics are higher than ever, the US can go on creating obstacles to the movement of goods and cargo along the main transport routes. The occasion will suit anyone: from the fight against terrorism, to the persecution of violators of American sanctions. It is extremely important for the countries of Eurasia to develop their intra-Eurasian transport routes in these circumstances. For example, goods from India can reach Europe not only in Suez, but also along one of the routes of the "North-South" INSTC, as well as through Iran-Afghanistan-Kazakhstan-Russia-Europe. It is clear that at this stage these routes are not sufficiently developed and debugged, but they are quite real and for their active involvement requires only the political will and finalization of some stages of these routes,” the Russian expert added.

"These are the issues to be discussed during the business program of the “EURASIA-EXPO: Transport Routs’2018" International Exhibition. Its central element will be the International Conference "Transport Routs of Eurasia: Actual Problems and Ways of Solving them", which will be held on September 26, 2018 in the conference hall of Pavilion 3 of the Sokolniki Exhibition Center. The officials of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, representatives of the embassies of India, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, heads of transport and logistics business associations and companies of these countries are invited to participate in the conference.

"Eurasia-EXPO: Transport Routes’2018" International Exhibition will be held on September 26-27, 2018 at Pavilion N3 of the Sokolniki Exhibition Center (Moscow, Russia). The Organizer - Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia, the International non-governmental organization, the operator - GC ITB Ltd. (

Source: "Eurasia EXPO-TV"


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