The Analytical Center (AC) is a research project of companies participating in the Council of Exhibition and Congress Activity of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia, which makes its activities on the basis of the Chapter on the Analytical Center of CECA APE, approved at a meeting of Council members dated May 15, 2018.

During the meeting, the AC Work Plan for 2018 was approved and the Project Manager-Director of the Analytical Center was elected. The members of the Council unanimously elected Dr. Nick Evsenkin, Ph.D., Chairman of CECA APE for this public position.

AC activities are non-commercial and scientific-recommendatory. CECA member companies have decided to participate in the Center’s activities on a voluntary basis, and their representatives, who will take part in the research and public work of the Center (development and writing of studies, reviews, analytical reports, monographs, participation in conferences, seminars, round tables, presentations, etc.) will be engaged in this activity in their own time without additional payment.

Analytical materials of the Center will be published in the appropriate section of the Internet page of the CECA, it is freely available and freely distributed to the interested target audience.

The first analytical project, which is conducted through the Analytical Center, will be the scientific and applied report "International Transport Corridor" North-South ": the main medium-term priorities and challenges." The release of the report is planned to be made in the first decade July of 2018 during the meeting of the Organizing Committee of "Eurasia EXPO: Transport Routes’2018" International Exhibition. The Project’s manager is Dr. Nick Evsenkin.

Weekly Internet-bulletin «Transport Routes of Eurasia».

Transport Routes of Eurasia”
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