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Organizer of the Exhibition:"Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia" the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations

Operator of the Exhibition: “GС “ITB” Ltd.

Partner of sponsorship programs: ILF "Link of Generations"

Venue of the Exhibition: Pavilion N3, Sokolniki Exhibition Center

Time May 16-19, 2019

Mission of the Exhibition:
Facilitation to development of art crafts in Russia and countries of Eurasia, acquaintance of visitors and guests of the exhibition to centuries-old history of their formation and development.
Promotion of productive dialogue between representatives of the Russian and Eurasian art industry with representatives of federal and regional authorities on important issues of the industry development.
Acquaintance with numerous types of folk and art crafts of other people of Eurasia, a variety of the forms of arts and crafts existing in the countries of the Eurasian space.
Exchange of the accumulated experience between representatives of branches of art crafts, experts and artists of different types of applied folk art.

For participation in the exhibition are invited enterprises, organizations and individual crafters from the regions of Russia, countries of Europe and Asia, operating in the field the revival and development of the national and cultural material heritage of the peoples of Eurasia
- the leading producers of the products of the most famous regional and national crafts, art crafts and souvenirs, historical centers for the production of artistic and souvenir products;
- large enterprises of foundry, porcelain, glass, leather and textile industries, developing their artistic crafts as image-making cultural projects;
- producers of unique hand-made handicrafts - jewelry, accessories, decor items, toys, dishes etc.;
- business associations of enterprises and organizations of art crafts from Russia and Eurasia;
- educational institutions, training centers and courses, organizers of master classes on training specialists and craftsmen in the field of folk and art crafts, manufacturing of souvenirs, decorative objects and elements;
- federal, national and regional publishers of books, textbooks, albums, periodicals on folk and art crafts, their popularization and development;
- design studious, specialized in development of ornaments and modern arts in national styles:
- cooperatives, workshops, individual craftsmen, production associations, textile factories and tailoring shops for sewing folk costumes and national symbols:
- expert community and mass media.

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