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In view of the US’s anti-Iranian sanctions, the countries-founders of International North–South Transport Corridor need to undertake additional efforts for the successful development of the Project: an opinion of the Russian expert

“Russia, Iran and India need political will and additional efforts for the successful development of International North–South Transport Corridor (INSTC)”. It was commented today to the Eurasia EXPO-TV’s correspondent by Dr. Nick Evsenkin, the head of the Analytical Center of the Council of Exhibition and Congress Activity of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia.

"The total pressure of the US administration, which is currently seen by countries in Europe and Asia on a number of key issues of international trade, inevitably affects INSTC. "Where Eurasian transportation projects include Iranian territory and the Iran's full-scale participation, they automatically fall under the hard American pressure. International North–South Transport Corridor, unfortunately, can not be an exception. Look at the way in which the Americans are imposing on New Delhi their positions on the S-400 complexes and India's purchases of Iranian oil."

"In these circumstances," the Russian expert believes, "the key countries-participants of INSTC should not succumb to American pressure, but make extra efforts to launch the Project in full. International North–South Transport Corridor is the purely Eurasian exercise and in no way concerns the US and their national security. We need only show political will, and also remove the existing shortcomings and bottlenecks, so that that this transport corridor becomes workable and commercially interesting for the countries of South and South-East Asia on the one hand, and Western Europe on the other," Dr. Nick Evsenkin added.

Source: "Eurasia EXPO-TV"


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