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Dear colleagues,

We are eager to inform you that the dates of "ETHNO-ECO-TOURISM EURASIA-2018" International Contest were shifed to May 2019.

This decision was ctaken in view of the decision of the organizers of "Eurasia-Expo: Dialogue of Cultures-2018" International Exhibition-Fair to shift dates of the event from 23-24.05.2018 to 15-19.05.2019. The exhibition-fair has received a new name - " Eurasia-Expo: ArtCrafts-2019".

The venue of the exhibition-cum-fair remained the same: the "Sokolniki" Exhibition Center, Pavilion №3.

In this regard, the Organizers of the International Contest "ETHNO-ECO-TOURISM EURASIA-2018" decided to amend the Regulations on the Competition in terms of the new terms of its holding. Accordingly, the International Contest will be named "ETHNO-ECO-TOURISM EURASIA-2019", and summing up its results and awarding the winners of the nominations will be held during "Eurasia-Expo: ArtCrafts-2019" International Exhibition-cum-Fair.

Thank you for understanding. We invite you to participate in "ETHNO-ECO-TOURISM EURASIA-2019" International Contest!

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